the old synagogue

the old synagogue

Beer and Wine Garden Fremantle WA.
Alterations + Additions to Heritage Buildings.

Phase/status ~ Completed 2019
Build ~ Builden
Photos ~ Dion Robeson + Kate Drennan

The Old Fremantle Synagogue conversion was a unique opportunity to work within an existing historical landmark and to be a player in shaping Fremantle’s evolving identity.

With intentions to showcase the existing structures and ensure that any new built form would not compete with the heritage fabric. Establishing a clear distinction between old and new was explored with the material palette and form.

20200326 Synagogue Brickworks 14 LR
The Old Synagogue 051219 44
The Old Syngogue 041219 136
The Old Syngogue 041219 69

The project has played a key role in the establishment of a hospitality precinct at Fremantle’s southern gateway and offers both tourists and locals alike the opportunity to interact with one of the city’s historic landmarks in a way never before possible.